Kashchey-Chernobog Day (30/11)

On this day, the most evil deity of the Slavic pantheon is honored - known to us from children's fairy tales, Kashchei or Chernobog (black Serpent, Koschey) - the Lord of Navi, Darkness and the Pekelny kingdom. God of cold, destruction, death, evil; God of madness and the embodiment of everything bad and black.

The Slavs divide the whole world into two halves: good and evil, or friendly and hostile to man. Each of them represents its own god. Hostile is personified by Chernobog.

Kashchei is depicted as a humanoid idol, painted black with a silvered mustache. Sacrifices are made to him before the start of important matters, for example, before going on a military campaign. The victims are often bloody and human, they kill captives, slaves and horses.