Memorial Day of the Apostle and Evangelist Matthew (29/11)

The holy apostle and evangelist Matthew is one of the 12 apostles. In Holy Scripture, he is also called Levi (Luke 5:27). The Apostle Matthew was the brother of the Apostle Jacob Alfeev and, before his call to the apostolic rank, he was a publican of Galilee, i.e. tax collector. After being called by the Lord, he left everything and followed the Savior. Since then, Matthew, along with other disciples of Jesus Christ, has been inseparable from Him.

According to Holy Tradition, after the descent of the Holy Spirit, the Apostle Matthew preached the Gospel to the Jews in Judea. Here, according to Eusebius and other holy fathers, 8 years after the ascension of the Lord, Matthew wrote the Gospel to the believing Jews of Palestine and handed it over to the Apostle James, the brother of the Lord. From Hebrew into Greek, the Gospel was translated either by the Apostle James or the Apostle John the Theologian.

In the 2nd century, Panten found the Gospel of Matthew, written in Hebrew, among the Christians of India. According to the testimonies of the holy fathers, the original was kept in the Caesarea library, built in the 3rd century by the martyr Pamphilus.