International Day of Cooperatives (02/07)

Every first Saturday of July, the International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated, established by UN General Assembly Resolution No. 47/90 of December 16, 1992.

The day of celebration was chosen to coincide with the International Cooperative Alliance's already existing International Cooperative Day, which has been celebrated since 1923. The International Cooperative Alliance itself is an association of organizations with 760 million members of cooperatives in 100 countries.

Then in 1992, the UN Assembly, recognizing that cooperatives are becoming one of the necessary factors for socio-economic development, invited governments, international organizations, specialized agencies and national and international cooperative organizations to actively celebrate this Day and recommended that during its implementation to promote the dissemination of information about cooperatives ; highlight the relationship between the goals and objectives of the UN and the international cooperative movement; emphasize the contribution of the movement to solving the main problems facing the UN.