Memorial Day of the Holy Martyr Tatiana (25/01)

The holy martyr Tatiana was born in Rome, in the family of a noble dignitary who secretly professed the Christian faith and raised his daughter in true veneration and fidelity to the Christian faith.

Saint Tatiana did not want to get married, but decided to devote herself to the ministry of the church. She was placed deaconess in one of the Roman temples and gave all her strength to the performance of church duties.

The Holy Martyr Tatiana suffered while chasing Christians at the juvenile emperor Alexandra North ( 222 — 235 ). She was captured and brought to the temple of Apollo, where she was forced to sacrifice the pagan idol. Refusing, St. Tatiana was subjected to severe torture, but the firmness of her faith and patience were unshakable. Among the torment, she only prayed that God would enlighten her tormentors. And the Lord heard the prayer of the righteous.

Through her prayer, statues of pagan gods were destroyed three times. The torment that the saint of Tatian was subjected to either did not harm her, or during the night their tracks disappeared without a trace, or the tormentors themselves suffered from blows inflicted by an invisible hand. Shaken by the steadfastness of the saint, the tormentors of Tatiana immediately openly turned to Christ, turning from executioners to martyrs for Christ. The hungry lion, released on St. Tatian in the circus arena, began to caress her without causing her the slightest harm.

The signs of the power and truth of the Lord, revealed in the martyrdom of St. Tatiana, led many to faith in Christ. And then frightened persecutors condemned the martyr to be executed with a sword. Together with her, her father was also executed, who revealed to her the truths of Christ's faith.

Another holy martyr Tatian is considered the patroness of students. As history testifies, among many Moscow feast holidays, Tatyana Day — named after Tatyana and the holiday of students of Moscow University, celebrated on January 25 ( January 12 in the old style ) — was special.