Memorial Day of the Holy Martyr Vonifatia (01/01)

The Holy Martyr Boniface suffered for Christ in the year 290, during the reign of the Roman emperors Diocletian and Maximian (284-305).

He was a slave of the noble Roman woman Aglaida. She entrusted him with the management of her house and vast estates. Boniface was in lawless cohabitation with Aglaida (“the drunkard was wallowing in uncleanness”). At the same time, he was merciful to the poor and willingly received strangers. Conscious of himself as a slave of sin, Boniface prayed to God to deliver him from the devil's nets and make him a winner over his lusts and passions. The Lord heard His servant, but arranged it so that he could wash away sinful deeds with blood and crown his soul with a crown of martyrdom.

At that time there was a strong persecution of Christians in the East. Aglaida wished to have the relics of the holy martyrs in her house, hoping to receive salvation under their protection. She sent Boniface to the East with several servants so that he could redeem the holy relics from the wicked tormentors.