Anniversary of the outbreak of the war for the independence of Cuba (10/10)

Every year on October 10, Cuba celebrates the Anniversary of the start of the War of Independence. This war went down in history as the Ten Years' War. It began on October 10, 1868 under the leadership of the attorney Carlos Manuel Cespedes (Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, 1819-1874) and with the help of a small group of Cuban patriots at the La Demagua sugar factory. The commander spoke to the people, calling for the freedom and independence of the island by overthrowing the Spanish government.

During the first few days, the uprising suffered many setbacks. On October 11, Cespedes attacked the small town of Yara, from which this revolution took its name, despite the fact that the attack on Yara ended in failure, and the leader fled with only 12 of his men.

October 10 - the date is commemorated in Cuba as a national holiday called Grito de Yara - Grito de Yara ("Cry of Iara"). Carlos Manuel, by freeing his slaves, served as an example to all other planters. However, many have questioned his plans for release.