Agrafena Kupalnitsa (06/07)

This holiday among the Slavic peoples was associated with their favorite summer pastime - swimming. Everything that was connected with water, a bath and bathing, was reflected on this day. In addition, it was celebrated on the eve of the day of Ivan Kupala. And in Orthodoxy on this day they honor the memory of St. Agrippina of Rome, nicknamed by the people Agrafena.

Throughout the north of Russia, and especially in the Vologda province, peasants prepared bath brooms for the whole year on this day. To do this, the women and girls harnessed the horse after dinner and left for the forest to break young birch branches. Sometimes brooms were made from various species of deciduous trees and plants, then each broom included a branch: from birch, alder, bird cherry, willow, linden, currant, viburnum, mountain ash and other plants.

These are ritual brooms: one of them was used that day in the bathhouse, others dressed up recently calving cows, others were thrown over their heads or thrown onto the roofs of the bathhouse in order to find out the future (if the broom falls with its top to the graveyard, then the thrower will die, and if not with the top, will stay alive).