St. Christobal's Day in Cuba (16/11)

November 16 is celebrated as Saint Cristobal's Day in Cuba.

Under Saint Cristobal hides such a person as the explorer who discovered America - Christopher Columbus (Spanish: Cristobal Colón - Cristóbal Colón).

On October 20, 1492, Columbus reached Cuba. The population of Cuba was one of the most cultured peoples of Latin America. In Cuba, Columbus found statues, large buildings, bales of cotton, and for the first time saw cultivated plants - tobacco and potatoes, products of the New World, which later conquered the whole world.

Near the chapel of El Templete grows a mighty ceiba tree, which is considered sacred. The cult of ceiba, a living symbol of the plant world, is attributed to African traditions. And on the day of St. Cristobal, the heavenly patron of Havana, most of the city's population goes to the chapel, everyone tries to go around the tree three times and make a wish, believing that it will come true.