Aviation Day of Ukraine (27/08)

Professional holiday of civil aviation and aviation and transport workers — Aviation Day ( Ukrainian. Asia Day ) — is celebrated in Ukraine on the last Saturday of August.

It is established by Decree of the President of Ukraine № 305/93 of August 16, 1993, « in support of the initiative of the aviation industry and transport workers of Ukraine ». In 1996, this law was supplemented to honor military aircraft on this day.

In 2007, President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko established his own holiday — Air Force Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for military aircraft, deciding to celebrate it on the first Sunday of August, thereby again sharing the days of celebrations for civilian and military aircraft.

The air traffic of Ukraine covers 5 areas of flight information. The country has created a unified civil-military system for organizing air traffic.

There are several flight schools and aviation educational institutions in Ukraine, including the National Aviation University, the National Aerospace University, the International Aviation Training Center ( IATC ), the State Flight Academy of Ukraine.