The day of the conversion of the apostle Paul (25/01)

On January 25, the Protestant Church celebrates the Day of the conversion of the Apostle Paul. According to Blessed Augustine, the Apostle Paul was one of the pillars of Christianity, he was bestowed upon Christianity as a great result of the death of the Christian First Martyr Stephen.

Like Stephen, Saul (Paul) was not a native of Judea. He grew up in the diaspora, in the Cilician capital city of Tarsus, at the crossroads of the cultures of East and West. Philosophy, sports and trade flourished here. Saul's family had hereditary Roman citizenship, which was reminiscent of his second, Latin name - Paulus (Paul).

However, he himself was proud that he did not become a Hellenist, but was a "Jew from Jews": he retained the paternal language and traditions of his ancestors. Saul's father, a wealthy craftsman, was considered a kind of Jewish aristocrat - he erected his genealogy to the tribe of Benjamin, from which King Saul came. Being himself a Pharisee (scribe), Saul's father in every possible way protected his son from the temptations of a pagan environment and dreamed of his son's theological career. When Saul matured, he was sent to Jerusalem to study the Scriptures, where he was trained and, despite his youth, was respected.