The Presentation of the Lord among Eastern Christians (15/02)

The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ is a Christian holiday celebrated in Orthodoxy, Catholicism and some Protestant denominations, including Lutheranism. The Russian Orthodox Church is revered as one of the twelfth holidays. It was erected in memory of a significant event for Christians - the meeting (Slavonic meeting) in the Jerusalem Temple of the Infant Jesus with the righteous elder Simeon.

When the time came for the incarnate Word of God to appear on earth, then by the Providence of God certain chosen people were prepared to meet His miraculous, all-saving appearance and proclaim it to the world. One of them was the elder Simeon, filled with the Holy Spirit, who was promised by God that he would not leave this world until he saw the Lord's Christ. This meeting with Simeon is celebrated by the Holy Orthodox Church annually on February 15 in a new style.

What does the feast of the Presentation of the Lord teach us?