Water polo - the name day of Vodnaya (16/04)

This holiday, even rather, a rite, is very ancient, originated in Russia during the period of dual faith. Sometimes Vodopol is called Pereplut, Vodyanoy's Day, Vodyany's name day or Nikita Vodopol, but the essence remains unchanged - on this day (which, according to the old style, fell on April 3), in Russia they welcomed the awakening from hibernation of Vodyanoy, mermaids and all aquatic animals.

Together with the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature, Vodyanoy also wakes up from hibernation. During the long cold winter, Grandfather-Waterman became weak and hungry. Waking up, the Waterman immediately wants to profit from something, and then he goes to look around and inspect his water kingdom.

On this day, at midnight, the fishermen came to the water to treat and appease Grandfather-Waterman.