Semargle Day (14/04)

Semargl (or Simargl) - Fire God. It is believed that this is the God of fire and the moon, fire sacrifices, home and hearth. The fire god stores seeds and crops and can turn into a sacred winged dog.

Semargl is revered on those days when rituals and signs associated with fire and bonfires are mentioned in the folk calendar. April 14 Semargl melts the last snows.

There are references to the appearance of Semargl into the light from the flame. It is said that once the heavenly blacksmith Svarog himself, having hit the Alatyr stone with a magic hammer, carved divine sparks from the stone. The sparks flared up brightly, and the fiery god Semargl appeared in their flame, sitting on a golden-maned horse of a silver suit. But, seeming a quiet and peaceful hero, Semargl left a scorched trail wherever his horse's foot went.