Day of remembrance of Prince Svyatoslav (03/07)

July 3 is the glorification day of Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich (circa 942-972). It was customary for the Slavs to hold ritual fights, military initiations and praise Perun on this day.

Russian historian N.M. Karamzin called him "Alexander (Macedonian) of our ancient history." According to Academician B.A. Rybakov: “The campaigns of Svyatoslav in 965-968 represent, as it were, a single saber strike, drawing a wide semicircle on the map of Europe from the Middle Volga region to the Caspian Sea and further along the North Caucasus and the Black Sea region to the Balkan lands of Byzantium.”

Svyatoslav, the Grand Duke of Kiev, is the son of Igor and Olga, who largely ruled the state under her son (until his death in 969), since the prince spent all his time on military campaigns. In 964-66, Svyatoslav undertook the first independent major campaign: the liberation of the Vyatichi from the power of the Khazars and their subordination to Kiev. This was followed by campaigns on the Volga and the North Caucasus, the defeat of the Khazar Khaganate.