Beer Festival in St. Petersburg (23/08)

Peterborough beer festival ( Peterborough Beer Festival ) — the second largest beer festival in the UK. It takes place in a small town in the east of England annually in the second half of August.

Tens of thousands of people come to the festival, so the city’s population is increasing several times, but not for long, because this joy for gourmet beer lasts only 5 days.

At the festival, not only all varieties of world beer ( each brand has its own ), but also a varied menu. In addition to beer there, you can try more cider and pear cider, to which the British even invented their name Perrie.

Each participant of the festival enjoys live music, exclusive glasses ( every year a new collection ), an entertainment program, a lottery and celebrations until the morning.

The pavilion in which the festival takes place is essentially — a small town, because there is everything there: from the hospital and the post office to the playgrounds and the rescue service of the drowning ( Royal National Lifeboat Institute )! Apparently, the satisfied and cheerful guests of the festival did not swim in beer.

And swimming ( and even drowning ) is just what — traditionally more than 450 species of ale made of 100 different types of beer yeast are presented at the festival.

If someone really has to like some unique variety, then — vote for him, after which, like at each festival, the champion of brewing is determined. The champion then treats guests with his excellent beer, so the vote always takes place with interest, and its results are looking forward to.

In addition to choosing a champion, more precisely, if some beer manufacturer is not lucky to become a champion, the Best New Brewery is elected.

But also not just like that, and if this time he does not have to go broke into the crowd present, then next year the festival will not do without a new variety of beer brewed by the Best New Plant.

Speaking about the history of the festival, it is worth mentioning that in 2017 it turned 40 years old, and was invented by the British company « Natural El » — Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ), which has existed and is valued since 1970.

There are also Survival Rules at the festival — they are extensive, but 3 of the most important can be distinguished: 1. Do not forget to eat ( in sunflower conditions and increased use of strong beer ). 2. Do not forget to drink ( this time water! ). 3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.