Day of formation of the Russian Field Eger Communications (17/12)

On December 17, Russia celebrates the Day of employees of the State Courier Service. Courier (from German Feldjager) - a military courier for the delivery of the most important government documents.

One of the first Decrees of Emperor Paul I after his ascension to the Russian throne in November 1796 was the Decree on the establishment of the Courier Corps in Russia, issued on December 17, 1796. Today this date is considered the Day of the formation of the Russian Courier Service.

The creation of the courier corps was one of the stages of the reform of Paul I, carried out by the emperor in the army, the apparatus of state administration, as well as in military courier communications. It was a special military unit, whose tasks included the fulfillment of communications orders, as well as special orders of the emperor. The staff of the first part consisted of 1 officer and 13 couriers.