Martyrs' Day of the Revolution in Cuba (30/07)

On July 26, 1959, at 5:15 am, the purely symbolic Council of Ministers declared July 30 the Day of the Martyrs of the Cuban Revolution.

The date was chosen in memory of the underground revolutionaries who died in revolutionary battles.

Their names are known to every Cuban - Frank Pais Garcia, Raul Pujol and Rene Ramos Latour. They, one of whom was the youngest revolutionary - 22-year-old Frank Pais Garcia (Frank Pais García) - were killed on the streets of Santiago de Cuba.

These people were among the best soldiers of the Cuban garrison, moreover, excellent commanders and ideological inspirers of the Cuban people. When a funeral procession passed through the streets of Santiago de Cuba, it was impossible to overcrowd on the boulevards - so many people, despite state pickets and the regular army, were eager to say goodbye to the leaders of the popular uprising against the tyrannical regime of F. Batista.

And today, on this day, commemorative ceremonies are held in various Cuban cities in honor of those who gave their lives for the revolution.