Cuba Independence War Day (24/02)

February 24 — memorial date for the Cuban people — Day of the outbreak of the war for the independence of Cuba.

After the end of the Ten Years War ( the first of three wars for the independence of Cuba from Spain, which lasted from 1868 to 1878 ) the people of Cuba were in a state of revolutionary unrest. Spain was not able to restrain the people's crowds tearing to independence.

On February 24, 1895, a new revolutionary movement began, which began to gain popularity among the bulk of the population.

This Cuban War of Independence ( Spanish. Guerra de Independencia cubana ), which lasted three years and sought to establish socialism, finally overthrew the Spanish government and gave Cuba the right to freedom.

In the province of Oviento Jose Marti ( José Martí ) with associates Maximo Gomez and Antonio Maseo — National heroes of Cuba — announced the start of a revolutionary uprising. Military operations were carried out successfully, despite the death in the battle of the leader of the — revolution Jose Marti.

The war was interrupted by the intervention of the United States of America — Spain left Cuba, but a new « dictator » took its place. The United States established a totalitarian regime on Freedom Island, as a result of which the full independence of Cuba has again been delayed for many years.