The discovery of Swarga is the jammed of Spring (25/03)

Svarga opens, and the goddess Zhiva-Spring descends to the people. Today Spring is called and praised not only by man, but by all living things in the world, celebrating the victory of life over death.

On the Opening for the third and last time, Spring is called, when Svarga opens, no one works. The rite of invocation of Spring was associated with the first arrival of birds and the beginning of the snowmelt.

Larks, fly! We are tired of winter, We ate a lot of bread! You fly and bring red Spring, hot summer! Spring is red, what did you come for? You are on a bipod, on a harrow ... Spring is red, what did you bring us? I brought you three lands: The first lands - Zhivotinushka in a field; Another favor - With a bipod in a field; Third place - Bees in flight; Yes, even a favor - Peace to your health!

With the onset of morning, they treat themselves to rye biscuits in the form of larks, release live birds from their cages into the wild, calling for spring. The main, most active, participants in the ceremony were girls and children.

On this day, women “call out millet”, sing the famous song “And we sowed millet, sowed it”. Also, everyone plays the ritual game “round burners”.