Closing of Swarga ( Vyriy ) (27/09)

The Slavs believed that on this day the goddess Zhiva — the personification of fruitful power, youth, beauty of all nature and man — that is, spring, leaves the Earth, and Moroz and Zima gradually enter their possessions.

Harvesting — ends, people thank Zhiva for not letting me die of hunger, but sent fertility to Earth. The spirits of the Ancestors from this day do not fall to the ground.

Birds fly to the warm edges of — the Slavs believed that they were flying to the upper world, where the souls of the dead live. People turn to flying birds with a request to bring news from the living to the dead.

Tyrius ( or Iriy-sad ) — is the ancient name Paradise in the eastern Slavs. In Russia, they believed that the bright kingdom of heaven was on the other side of the clouds or by the warm eastern sea, where endless summer.

The world tree ( believed that it was a birch or oak ), at the top of which the birds or souls of the dead lived. The keys to the Iriy-sad were once at the raven, but she angered the gods, and the keys were handed over to the swallow.

According to popular legends, in Iriy-sad, near the wells, there are places prepared for the future life of good, kind people. These are students with clean key water around whom fragrant flowers grow, young apples mature on trees, and birds of paradise sweetly sing.