The Eternal Makoshye (Earth Day) (23/05)

Holy Day, when Mother Earth Cheese is honored as a "birthday girl". It is believed that on this day the Earth “rests”, therefore it cannot be plowed, dug, harrowed, stakes cannot be stuck into it and knives can be thrown. Veles and Makosh are especially honored on this day - Earthly intercessors. The Magi go out into the field, lie down on the grass - listen to the Earth.

At the beginning, grain is placed in a furrow plowed ahead of time and beer is poured, saying, facing east: Mother Earth Cheese! Take away all the unclean reptile from a love spell, turnover and dashing deeds. Turning to the west, they continue: Mother Earth Cheese! Swallow the impure force into the seething abyss, into the combustible pitch.

Turning to noon, they say: Mother Earth Cheese! Satisfy all the midday winds with bad weather, calm the free-flowing sands with a blizzard. At midnight they turn: Mother Earth Cheese! Calm down the midnight winds with clouds, hold back the frosts with blizzards.