Victory Day and Russian thanks in Croatia (05/08)

Every year on August 5, Croatia celebrates the Day of Victory and National Gratitude (Croatian: Dan pobjede i domovinske zahvalnosti), and since 2008, the Day of Croatian Defenders (Croatian: Dan hrvatskih branitelja). It was erected to commemorate the victory in the war in 1991-1995.

On this day in 1995, during the military Operation Storm, the Croatian army entered Knin, the capital of the self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina.

Two days later, Operation Tempest was fully completed, it became the largest offensive operation in Europe since the Second World War. During the operation, 2,000 Serbs were killed and 250,000 were expelled. Only a small number of them returned to their homeland. Croats call this day a victory in the Patriotic War.