Dubrovnik Defenders Day in Croatia (06/12)

December 6 is the Day of the Defenders of Dubrovnik (Dan dubrovačkih branitelja) in Croatia.

It all started on October 1, 1991, when units of the Yugoslav People's Army surrounded the city and began bombarding it, which continued until May 1992, despite the fact that the historical center of Dubrovnik was demilitarized back in 1970.

The strongest attack occurred precisely on December 6, 1991, when 14 residents of the city were killed and 60 wounded in one day. In total, during the months of bombing in Dubrovnik, according to the Croatian branch of the Red Cross organization, the death toll was 114 people. In addition to human casualties, the result of the war was the destruction and damage of many buildings and structures, including historical monuments.

After the end of the war, the Croatian authorities, together with UNESCO, launched a project to rebuild Dubrovnik. Large-scale work was completed in 2005. In memory of the victims of the war, a cross was erected on the top of Mount Srd - the place from which the shelling of the city was carried out.

Every year on December 6, Croatia commemorates the people who died in those terrible days. On this day, masses are held for the dead, and residents of the city bring bouquets of flowers and mourning wreaths to their graves.