Yaryilo Wet, Trojan (04/06)

Troyan (Tribogov Day) is a holiday of the end of spring and the beginning of summer, when the young Yaril-Spring is replaced by the Trisvetly Dazhdbog. Holy day dedicated to the victory of God Trojan over the Black Serpent. At this time, Rodnovers glorify Svarog Triglav - Svarog-Perun-Veles, strong in the Rule, Yavi and Navi. According to legends, Troyan was the embodiment of the power of Svarog, Perun and Veles, who joined their forces in the fight against the Serpent, the offspring of Chernobog, who once threatened to destroy the entire Tremirye.

At this time, from ancient times, they commemorated their ancestors and created amulets from the atrocities committed by mermaids and the restless souls of the "mortgaged" dead (who died "not their own", that is, an unnatural death). On the night of Troyan, girls and women “plowed” the village in order to protect themselves from evil forces.

The people said: “From the Spirit of the day, not from one sky - warmth comes from under the earth”, “The Holy Spirit will come - it will be in the yard, like on a stove.” According to popular beliefs, all evil spirits are afraid of this day, like fire, and just before Sunrise on the Spirits, the day Mother Cheese-Earth reveals her secrets, and therefore healers go at this time to “listen to treasures”. As on Yarila Veshny, dew on this day is considered sacred and healing.

After the conception, the rite "Venue" is performed for young men - initiation into warriors. Then they arrange a feast in the field. Ritual Strava: sweets, scrambled eggs, pies. Ritual beer is brought in the requirement. Before the games, they play out a fairy tale or an ancient legend. Mandatory love games and dances.

After the day of Yarila, hot weather usually sets for seven days.