15 Wondda Miracles (Monlam Chhenmo) (03/02)

The "Great Prayer" Monlam Chhenmo is timed to coincide with the New Year. From the 2nd to the 16th lunar day of Sagaalkhi, the lamas will read a special prayer service - Monlam Chenmo (Great Prayer Service - Tib.). This holiday lasts for 15 days and is dedicated to the memory of 15 miracles that, according to legend, Shakyamuni Buddha performed in the Indian city of Shravasti.

The first “Great Prayer” or “Great Prayer” dates back to the beginning of the 15th century, when the famous Tibetan Buddhism reformer and founder of the Gelug-pa school, Je Tsonghava, developed the rules for holding holidays in Buddhist monasteries, including Monlam Chenmo in their list.

According to legend, soon after the Buddha began preaching his teachings, he had many disciples. Six ascetic monks, who were abandoned by the disciples who became followers of the Buddha, hated him for this and began to publicly mock the Teacher, demonstrating various miracles to others to prove their innocence. The Buddha did not pay attention to them, but one day the disciples asked him to shame these false teachers, who caused others only evil and anxiety. The Buddha agreed. A place was chosen - the city of Shravasti, where he performed his 15 miracles, one miracle a day - creating worldwide fame for himself.