Bosnia State Day (25/11)

Bosnia Statehood Day — national holiday celebrated annually on November 25.

On this day in 1943, the constituent meeting of the State Anti-Fascist Age of the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( ZAVNOBiH ) ( Anti-Fascist Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ZAVNOBiH ) was held as the military parliament of the republic. The meeting was attended by 274 delegates from all over the territories of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 173 of them were elected members of the ZAVNOBiH. Formally, at its first meeting, ZAVNOBiH was established as a general political representation of the people's liberation movement of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Resolution of the ZAVNOBiH and the Statement to the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina that Bosnia and Herzegovina and its peoples will be able to represent only the ZAVNOBiH and the AVNO — Anti-fascist Council of the People's Liberation of Yugoslavia were adopted. Thus, the determination of the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina was expressed that their republic — neither Serbian, nor Croatian, nor Muslim, but Serbian, and Croatian, and Muslim — will be a fraternal union, in which the full equality of all Serbs, Muslims and Croats will be guaranteed.

Also, 58 representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina were elected at the Second Meeting of the AECLA and the Presidium of the AARB, consisting of 31 people. The chairman of the Presidium was a doctor from Bijelina Vojislav Kechmanovich.

The second meeting of the ABNOY was held on November 29 of the same year, where it was decided that the future Yugoslavia — Democratic Federal Yugoslavia — will be built precisely on federal principles, and Bosnia and Herzegovina will become one of the six equal republics. These principles, so important for today's Bosnia, were proclaimed on November 25, 1943, so this day was subsequently called the Day of Statehood.

However, today is the Statehood Day — one of the « stumbling blocks » between the constituent parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina — the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska — not allowing the adoption of the law on holidays at the national level. It is celebrated only in the Federation, since, according to Republika Srpska, this day was chosen for Statehood Day without any special reasons, and Bosnia and Herzegovina arose much earlier than the first meeting of the ZAVNOBiH.