Dugzhuuba (the ritual of purification) (01/02)

Dugzhuuba is a special rite of purification on the eve of the new year. Since ancient times, peoples who profess Buddhism have been very reverent and serious about this rite.

Dugzhuuba is held on the 29th lunar day on the eve of the first spring new moon. At this time, families are making final preparations for the New Year - the most important holiday of believers. It is worth noting that, for example, among the Buryats and the Mongols, Sagaalgan (New Year, “White Moon”) is the only holiday of the year, unlike the European calendar, the holiday is like a time of fun, official days off, gifts and good wishes. The New Year is a "universal" birthday for the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Mongols and Tibetans, it was from the New Year that everyone's age increased.

The houses are being cleaned with might and main - there is not even a corner in the closet that will not be cleaned of dust. In the old days, these days, all clothes were taken out and shaken up, special outfits were prepared from the most expensive silk and brocade for everyone - from young to old.