Memorial Day of the Blessed Ksenia of St. Petersburg (06/02)

Saint Blessed Xenia was born in the first half of the 18th century between 1719 and 1730 from pious and noble parents. Upon reaching the age of majority, Ksenia Grigoryevna married a court chorister, Colonel Andrei Feodorovich Petrov, and lived with her husband in St. Petersburg. But the Lord did not judge the young couple for long to walk along the path of life - the angel of death separated them: Andrei Feodorovich died, leaving Ksenia Grigorievna a widow in the 26th year of her life.

This unexpected blow struck Ksenia Grigorievna so strongly, it affected the young widow so much that she immediately seemed to forget everything earthly, human, all joys and pleasures and, as a result, seemed to many as if she had lost her mind ... So even her began to look at her. relatives and friends, and especially after Xenia decisively distributed all her property to the poor.

Freed from all earthly cares, Saint Xenia chose for herself the difficult path of foolishness for Christ's sake. Dressed in her husband's clothes: putting on his linen, caftan, camisole, she began to assure everyone that Andrei Feodorovich did not die at all, but his wife Ksenia Grigorievna died. Then she completely stopped responding if she was called Ksenia Grigoryevna, but she always responded willingly if she was called Andrei Feodorovich.