Celebrating in honor of the icon of the Mother of God, called "Deduce my sorrow." (07/02)

Today, the Russian Orthodox Church venerates the icon of the Mother of God, called "Satisfy my sorrows." On this icon, the Mother of God is depicted holding the Infant Christ with her right hand, in Whose hands a scroll is unfolded with the words: “Judge a righteous judgment, do mercy and bounty to your sincere; do not force the widow and the orphan, and do not do malice to your brother in your heart. The Mother of God put her left hand to Her head, somewhat bowed to one side, as if she was listening to the prayers of all who turned to Her in sorrows and sorrows.

The icon of the Mother of God, called "Assuage My Sorrows" was brought to Moscow by the Cossacks in 1640 and placed in the church of St. Nicholas on Pupyshi in Zamoskvorechye. Due to repeated reconstructions of the temple, the icon ended up on the bell tower.

The veneration of the icon as miraculous began after the healing of a relaxed woman from it. The patient, who lived far from Moscow, suffered from a serious illness for many years: all the members of her body ached, especially her legs, so that she could not walk. Brought to the point of complete exhaustion by illness, she no longer hoped to recover. Various medical remedies no longer brought her the desired healing.