Memorial Day of the Holy Martyr Trifon (14/02)

The Holy Martyr Tryphon was born in one of the regions of Asia Minor - Phrygia, not far from the city of Apamea, in the village of Kampsada. His parents were simple and pious peasants. As a child, he grazed geese and did not receive an education. But Saint Tryphon, as a child, was vouchsafed from the Lord the gift of miracles: he cast out demons, healed ailments, and through his prayer did many other good deeds.

Once the inhabitants of the native village of Saint Tryphon were saved by him from starvation: by the power of his childhood prayer, the saint forced the harmful insects that destroyed the crops to leave. On the basis of this miracle, the Church established a special rite of prayerful appeal to Saint Tryphon, which is performed when pests attack crops or plantings.

Saint Tryphon was especially famous for casting out a demon from the daughter of the Roman emperor Gordian. A demon possessed the young, intelligent and beautiful Tsarevna and severely tormented her. Once he shouted that only Tryphon could expel him. The emperor ordered the miracle worker to be found and brought to Rome. At that time Saint Tryphon was 16 years old. When the saint approached Rome at a distance of three days' journey, the evil spirit could not endure his approach and left Gordian's daughter. Saint Tryphon was brought before the emperor, surrounded by court nobility. He begged the saint to show the demon with his own eyes, wanting to make sure that the young man really healed the princess. After a solitary prayer to God and a strict fast for six days, Saint Tryphon ordered the unclean spirit to appear visibly to the emperor and his entourage.