The day of remembrance of the martyrs of Cyrus and John and with them the martyrs of Athanasius and the daughters of her Theodosius, Theoctists and Eudoxia (13/02)

The holy unmercenary Cyrus was a famous physician in the city of Alexandria, where he was born and raised. He was a Christian and treated all the sick free of charge, not only giving help in bodily diseases, but also healing mental ailments, which are the causes of bodily diseases. Preaching the Gospel teaching, the holy physician converted many pagans to Christ.

During the persecution of Diocletian (284-305), Saint Cyrus withdrew to the Arabian desert, where he accepted monasticism, and continued to heal people with his prayer there, receiving from God the gift to heal all diseases.

In the city of Edessa at that time lived the warrior John, a pious Christian. When the persecution began, he came to Jerusalem and there, having heard about Saint Cyrus, he began to look for him, went to Alexandria for this, then to Arabia. Having found Saint Cyrus, John became attached to him with all his soul and became his faithful follower.