Day of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden (30/01)

But what about me: bliss or death? What a delight! What feelings of languor! Oh Mother Spring, thank you for the joy, For the sweet gift of love! What languishing bliss flows in me! Oh Lel, Your enchanting songs are in your ears, There is fire in your eyes... and in your heart... and in your blood In all fire. I love and melt, melt From the sweet feelings of love! Farewell, all girlfriends, farewell, groom! Oh dear, the last look of the Snow Maiden to you. A.N. Ostrovsky "Snow Maiden"

Frost and Snow Maiden Day is an ancient pagan holiday. These days, fairy tales and legends about Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are usually told.

People recalled how the Snow Maiden, at the whim of the god of love Lelya, fell in love with a man and therefore, with the advent of Spring, did not fly to the North. But as soon as "a bright ray of the sun cuts through the morning fog and falls on the Snow Maiden," she melts, turning into a light cloud of steam, and is carried away.