Memorial Day of Rev. Makaria Zhabynsky, Belevsky miracle worker (04/02)

The Monk Macarius of Zhabynsky, Belevsky miracle worker, was born in 1539. In early youth, he took tonsure with the name Onufry and in 1585 founded the Zhabynskaya Vvedenskaya hermitage (a monastery located in a remote desert place) near the Oka River, not far from the city of Belev.

In 1615, the desert was completely ravaged by the Polish troops under the command of Lisovsky.

Returning to the ashes, the monk became the renovator of the monastery. He again gathered the brethren, and instead of the wooden one, a stone church was built in honor of the “Entrance of the Most Holy Theotokos into the temple”, with a bell tower on the gate.