Memorial Day of the Blessed Prince Daniel of Moscow (17/03)

Saint Prince Daniel of Moscow, the youngest son of Prince Alexander Nevsky, died in 1303. Before his death, following the pious example of his father, he accepted the monastic rank and schema and, out of deep humility, bequeathed to be buried in the fraternal cemetery of the monastery he founded in honor of the Monk Daniel the Stylite, which later became known as the Moscow Danilov Monastery.

The honest relics of the Holy Prince Daniel were hidden for almost 350 years. During this time, the noble prince repeatedly reminded of himself and the place of his burial.

So, during the time of the Grand Duke John III, Saint Daniel appeared to the court youth and ordered the Grand Duke to say the following: never." Upon learning of this, Grand Duke John ordered to serve cathedral requiems, distribute alms and arrange meals for the remembrance of his dead.