Memorial Day of the Holy Martyr Ermogen, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia (02/03)

The miracle worker and the holy martyr Ermogen, the patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, came from the Don Cossacks. According to the patriarch himself, he was first a priest in the city of Kazan at the hotel and courtyard church in the name of St. Nicholas. Soon he accepted the monasticism and since 1582 he was the archimandrite of the Spaso-Prerazhensky monastery in Kazan. In 1589, he was chirotonisan as a bishop and became the first Kazan metropolitan.

During the ministry of the future patriarch in Kazan, the appearance and attainment of the miraculous Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in 1579 took place. As a priest, he, with the blessing of the then Kazan bishop Jeremiah, transferred the new icon from the place of attainment to the church in the name of St. Nicholas. With extraordinary literary pressure, the saint himself in 1594 made a legend about the appearance of a miraculous icon and the miracles performed from it.

The activities of Patriarch Ermogen coincided with the difficult period for the Russian state — the invasion of the impostor Lzhedmitriya and the Polish king Sigismund III. The High Priest devoted all his strength to the ministry of the Church and the Fatherland. In this feat, Patriarch Ermogen was not alone: he was imitated and helped by selfless Russian people. With particular inspiration, the holy patriarch opposed the traitors and enemies of the Fatherland, who wanted to enslave the Russian people, introduce humiliation and Catholicism in Russia, and eradicate Orthodoxy.

The liberation of Russia, for which Saint Hermogen stood with such an unshakable courage, successfully ended in his appearance as a Russian people. The body of the holy martyr Ermogen, who died in 1612, was buried in the Miracle Monastery, and in 1654 was transferred to the Moscow Assumption Cathedral.

The glorification of Patriarch Ermogen in the face of the shrines took place ( 12 ) May 25, 1913.