Independence Day of the Republic of Cyprus (01/10)

Independence Day ( Independence Day in Cyprus ) — a holiday celebrated annually on October 1 by the whole country with great respect and scope.

Throughout its history, Cyprus, thanks to its favorable strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea, has repeatedly passed from hand to hand, remaining on the periphery of various empires ( Roman, Byzantine ), and at the end of the 16th century he was conquered by Ottoman Turks, who owned it for 300 years. In 1878, Cyprus was occupied by Great Britain, first de facto, with the nominal sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire, and during the First World War – already legally. In 1925, the United Kingdom officially declared Cyprus its colony.

As a result of many years of national liberation struggle, in 1960 Cyprus gained long-awaited independence and became a sovereign state, in which Archbishop Makarios played a significant role, with the era of which there is so much significant, but also controversial in Cyprus.

Independence Day of the Republic of Cyprus — is a state day off, and another day when the family gathers together, and guests are invited. Preparations for the holiday begin in the early morning.

Closer to evening, cafes are filled to capacity, as some, tired of home gatherings, go to talk at the table of the restaurant they like.

By the way, it will be appropriate to say that Cypriots always have their favorite places, which they do not change. Friends and guests are brought there, they are advised to come only to this place, since it is considered already proven and becomes « its ».

The parade is such an important sight for the Cypriots that families do not get lazy and come from all over the country to the capital, Nicosia, to see it with their own eyes. As a rule, Cypriots take children with them, wishing them to show that they are under the protection of their state. Thus, the traditionally respectful attitude towards their country and the memory of all the events that fell on the lot of Cyprus are not interrupted.

After the last sounds of festive fanfare are heard, mass celebrations begin, which continue until late evening. The program of the holiday always contains theatrical performances, street concerts with the participation of pop stars and circus. All who come will find delicious food, drinks and traditional sweets.