International Day of Astrology (20/03)

International Astrology Day ( International Astrology Day ), annually celebrated by astrologers and enthusiasts on March 20 or 21 ( sometimes March 19 ), — is held on Spring Equity Day. This day of unique natural phenomenon begins a new astrological year. In honor of this event, various thematic and educational events are held.

In 1993, Western astrologers proposed celebrating this holiday on March 20 — on the first day of the astrological year, when the sun comes into the sign of the Aries. It is interesting that in the Northern Hemisphere is celebrated the Day of Spring Equity, while in the South — Day of Autumn Equity.

Astrology ( from other-sinch. astro — star and logos — thought, teaching ) call the doctrine of the effects of stars on the earth and man. Astrology arose in ancient times and was closely associated with astral cults and astral mythology.

At the beginning of the 4th century BC, during the cultural exchange between Greece and the Middle East after the conquests of Alexander the Great, Greek philosophers met astrology. Having included the life of an individual in the sphere of competence of astrology, they laid the foundation for a new direction — horoscopic astrology.

Later, astrology became widespread in the Roman Empire ( the first horoscopes appeared at the turn of 2-1 centuries BC ). Ancient science in different centuries found itself in favor, then in non-existence. However, today its popularity is growing rapidly day by day.

Statisticians around the world come to the unequivocal conclusion: over the past two decades, astrology has become incredibly successful, especially among businessmen and politicians. Others, without the advice of stars, cannot take a step. Although there is an opinion of psychologists that most of the predictions are made by self-confident people.

One way or another, but many now prefer to live in heavenly bodies. It may seem that for the sake of the desires of the masses, a large number of pseudo-astrologists have divorced in the world. But the stars do not allow random people to come to their place.