Trojan Zimny (18/02)

Winter Troyan is an important date for the ancient Slavs. They considered this day the day of Military Glory, when many Russian soldiers fell from the Roman soldiers in the Danube region, near the Trojan Wall (the etymology of the name has not been clarified so far). Most likely, Troyan Val was a defensive embankment, but perhaps a small outpost was erected on this site.

Those warriors fought without laying down their weapons and without showing their backs. This holiday is also known under the names "Stribog's grandchildren", "commemoration of the fallen at Troyanov Val".

Unfortunately, today much has not been clarified from the history of the heroic deed at the Trojan Wall, including the exact date (about 101 AD) and other details. This episode in the history of Ancient Russia is clearly mentioned in the Book of Veles and praised in the Tale of Igor's Campaign: