St. Sargsyan's Day — patron saint of lovers in Armenia (12/02)

St. Sargsyan's Day — is a national holiday in the Republic of Armenia, celebrated annually in late January — in the first half of February.

Saint Sarkis ( St. Sarkis, 320 — 370 ) — is one of the most revered saints of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the entire Armenian people. Saint Sarkis was from the province of Gamera, lived and performed feats during the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great. Under the influence of the sermons of the commander Sarkis, many soldiers were baptized. In 363, under Emperor Julian the Apostate, St. Sarkis suffered for Christ.

A beautiful legend has come to this day, helping to understand why St. Sargsyan is considered the patron of young lovers. So, returning with victory after the next battle, St. Sarkis and 39 of his soldiers and associates celebrated the victory in the royal palace. After a plentiful treat, taking a fair share of alcohol, all forty winners went to sleep. The king ordered forty young women to kill brave warriors. 39 women obeyed the order and killed the soldiers and associates of Sarkis, but one woman, seeing the beautiful face of the sleeping Sarkis, fell madly in love with a warrior. Instead of killing Sarkis, she kissed him.

Waking up and realizing what had happened, Sarkis calmly saddled his white horse, jumped on him, seated his beloved next to him, broke through the city gate and left the city.

The feast of the patron saint of young lovers, St. Sargsyan, has been officially celebrated in Armenia since 2007. At night before the holiday, young people eat salty pancakes and expect revelation in a dream: what kind of bride or groom is meant for them.

The church calls these days to earnestly pray to St. Sargsyan. In connection with this, the holiday is preceded by a five-day post.

On the day of the holiday, in the small center of the capital of Armenia, in the Surb Sarkis church, it is especially crowded. Here, as in all Armenian temples, a festive liturgy is held. Many young people, in pairs or still alone, come for a blessing.