Day of St. Sargsyan is the patron saint of lovers in Armenia (12/02)

Saint Sargis Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Armenia, annually celebrated in late January - early February.

Saint Sarkis (St. Sarkis, 320-370) is one of the most revered saints of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the entire Armenian people. Saint Sarkis was from the province of Gamerek, lived and performed feats during the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great. Under the influence of the sermons of the commander Sargis, many soldiers were baptized. In 363, under the emperor Julian the Apostate, Saint Sarkis suffered for Christ.

A beautiful legend has survived to this day, helping to understand why Saint Sarkis is considered the patron saint of young lovers. So, returning with a victory after another battle, Saint Sarkis and 39 of his soldiers and associates celebrated the victory in the royal palace. After a plentiful meal, having taken a fair amount of alcohol, all forty winners went to bed. The king ordered forty young women to kill the brave warriors. 39 women carried out the order and killed Sarkis's soldiers and comrades-in-arms, but one woman, seeing the beautiful face of the sleeping Sarkis, fell madly in love with the warrior. Instead of killing Sarkis, she kissed him.