Day of Remembrance of the Roud of the Strong (09/01)

Every year on January 9, many followers of the pagan faith in the countries of Scandinavia and Iceland celebrate the Day of Remembrance of Raud the Strong ( Raud the Strong ).

The Road Strong is known for its refusal to accept the Christian faith, which the Norwegian king Olaf ( King Olaf ) tried to plant for political purposes.

Raud was a Norwegian landowner and was one of the followers of Asatra's faith. He gave his life for faith and loyalty to the gods of Asatra.

Asatra — is a pagan religion based on the deification of the forces of nature, the preservation of traditions and folklore of the indigenous population of their country. The mystical basis of Asatra is Scandinavian mythology.

The king of Norway, Olaf Trygwason, executed Raud by letting a poisonous snake through the iron horn into Raud's throat. This crime was a kind of act of rejection of Asatra. After Trugwason confiscated the lands of Raud, and with them all his wealth.

Today, pagans celebrate this holiday with the drinking of the horn ( or the cup ) wine or brandy in honor of Raud the Strong.

Reference. Currently, Asatra's follower communities exist in Iceland ( first, since 1973 ), Denmark, Norway, Russia.