Day of the banking worker of Armenia (22/11)

In 2003, the Armenian government declared November 22 as the Banker's Day. Since then, this date has become a professional holiday for bank employees, by which the state emphasizes the important role of the banking system and the significant contribution of bank employees to the development of the Armenian economy and ensuring its financial stability.

The date for the holiday was chosen due to the fact that on November 22, 1993, on the territory of Armenia, instead of the rubles of the State Bank of the USSR, the national currency, the dram, was put into circulation. Analysts and economists believed that the transition to the dram created an opportunity in the country for the formation of the financial and banking system, as well as for the development of the economy.

However, the dramatic strengthening of the dram occurred only ten years later - in the summer of 2003. Dram continues to increase its quotation today, but at a slower pace.

According to representatives of the Armenian government, “after the restoration of statehood and the approval of its attributes, which are the flag, coat of arms and anthem, one of the decisive and most important steps in establishing economic independence was the transition to the Armenian dram.”

On this day, all banking employees of Armenia receive congratulations and greetings from the government of the Republic and local authorities.