Day of the Rainbow (06/05)

Dazhdbog - Dab, Radegast, Radigosh, Svarozhich - these are different versions of the name of the same god. God of fertility and sunlight, life-giving force. He is considered the ancestor of the Slavs (the Slavs, according to the text of "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" - God's grandchildren).

According to Slavic legends, Dazhdbog and Zhiva together revived the world after the Flood. Lada, Zhiva's mother, married Dazhdbog and Zhiva. Then the betrothed gods gave birth to Arius, according to legend, the progenitor of many Slavic peoples - Czechs, Croats, Kiev glades.

Honored on this day and Yarilo (Sun), the face of Dazhdbog, the revival of nature. God Yar was often compared with the plowman and warrior Arius, the son of Dazhdbog. Arius was revered, like Yar, the incarnation of the Family (in other interpretations - Veles or Dazhdbog).