Day of the Rainbog (06/05)

Dajdbog — Dab, Radegast, Radigosh, Svarozhich — these are different variants of the name of the same god. God of fertility and sunlight, life-giving power. He is considered the first- forerunner of the Slavs ( the Slavs in the text « The words about the Regiment of Igor » — the long-living grandchildren ).

According to the Slavic traditions, Dajdbog and Zhiva together revived the world after the Flood. Lada, the mother of the Alive, connected the marriage of Dajdbog and Zhiva. Then the betrothed gods gave birth to Aria, according to legends, the ancestor of many Slavic peoples — Czechs, Croat, Kiev Poles.

I read on this day and Yarilo ( Sun ), Lik Dajdbog, the revival of nature. God Yara was often compared with the Pahara and the warrior Arya, the son of Dajjbog. Arya was revered, like Yar, by the embodiment of Rod ( in other interpretations of — Veles or Dajdbog ).

On the day of Dazhbog, people rejoiced that Dajdbog rejected Marena and became engaged to the Living. This meant the end of the long Winter, the beginning of Spring and Summer. At this time, in the Vedic temples and in the plowed fields, Dazhbog was noisily praised.

« We will glorify Dajdbog. May he be our patron and intercessor from Kolyada to Kolyada! And the patron of the fruits in the fields. He gives grass to our cattle all the days. And the cows multiply, and the grain in the granaries multiply. And he does not allow honey to roam. He is the god of the world. Praise Svarozhich, who renounces Zima and goes to Let. And to him we sing glory in the fields, since he — our father » / Vel. 31/.

Day of Dazhbog — this is the time of the first cattle to be taken to pastures. Therefore, they burned the lights with Dazhbog and asked him to guard the cattle:

You, God bless you! Save the cattle, guard her from the abductors! Protect from a fierce bear, Save from the predatory wolf!

It was believed that on this day, God Veles stole clouds of cows from Perun and imprisoned them in the mountains of the Caucasus. Therefore, Yara, Dazhbog and Perun were asked to rescue the clouds, otherwise all living things on Earth will perish. They will praise the victory of Dazhbog over Veles on this day.