Civil Aviation Day of Kyrgyzstan (07/10)

The Civil Aviation Day of Kyrgyzstan, celebrated annually on October 7, is established by the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic № 738 of October 3, 1994, giving special significance to civil aviation, given its invaluable contribution to the development of the economy, culture, sectors of the national economy of the republic.

The history of civil aviation of the Kyrgyz Republic began with the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of 1933. The first airport was a virgin site in the area of the suburban village of Papenovka, the head of which was appointed a graduate of the Leningrad Institute of Civil Aviation N.K. Batov, who arrived in the city of Frunze in 1933 in the direction after the institute. The fleet consisted of three U-2 aircraft, for special agricultural purposes.

In October 1933, a small U-2 aircraft, manned by Nikolai Ieske with an aircraft on board Yevgeny Balakshi, took off from Frunze Airfield. They made their first flight through the Kungay and Kyrgyz mountain ranges at an altitude of 3,500 meters, thereby determining the possibility of passing through the passes and opening a new Frunze highway — Fisherman — Przewalsk. The Pishpek — Tashkent — Alma-Ata line began its work.

On October 7, 1933, newspapers wrote on this subject under the heading « The first flight »: « The last victory of our aviation — is the Kungay Ala-Tau ridge, which stood above sea level by 4575 meters, formidable air pits, ferocious winds « Ulan », « San Tash ». Frunze's most difficult airway — Fisherman — Przewalsk is taken by courage, enthusiasm and accurate calculations of our brave pilots who conducted the plane through Tokmak, Rybachye, Sazanovka ... ».

The civil aviation of Kyrgyzstan received rapid development in the 60s of the 20th century. Soon, transport aircraft IL-18 and An-24 begin to operate. There is a rapid increase in technical equipment. In subsequent years, numerous airport services facilities of the cities of Frunze, Osh, residential buildings were erected, and air bus stations were expanded at all airports of internal air lines.

Currently, the country's main air gate — International Airport « Manas » — is one of the largest and most modern airports in Central Asia. The airport provides international and domestic transportation, is able to accept all types of aircraft and has the longest artificial runway in the region. Airport « Manas » is located in the center of the Chui Valley and is located 23 kilometers northwest of the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek.

Currently, domestic airlines provide transportation of passengers on domestic and international airlines: « Air Manas », Avia Traffic Company and TEZ JET.