Cannes Film Festival (17/05)

The International Cannes Film Festival (French: Festival international du film de Cannes) is the most prestigious, one of the oldest and widely publicized spring event in the world of film art. It takes place annually in May and lasts almost two weeks.

The opening of the first international film festival in Cannes was planned for the autumn of 1939. According to the organizers of the festival, it was supposed to represent an alternative to the Venice Film Festival, which fell under the influence of the official Nazi authorities. The program was ready, Louis Lumiere, the inventor of cinematography, was appointed honorary President of the Jury.

The program included the American film The Wizard of Oz and the Soviet film Lenin in 1918. The opening was supposed to take place on September 1, however, it was on this day that the Second World War began. The opening was delayed, and the first Cannes Film Festival did not take place until September 1946.