Memorial Day of St. Gayane in Armenia (14/06)

On this day, the memory of Saint Gayane, an early Christian Armenian martyr and saint, is honored in Armenia. Together with her 36 friends, she died at the hands of Tsar Trdat III.

In 301, 37 Christian virgins came to Armenia, who fled from Rome due to the persecution of Christians. Tsar Trdat III gave them a roof over their heads, promising to protect them from the Romans. However, the beauty of one of the girls - Hripsime - struck the king, and he wished to take her, but she replied that she had made a vow to belong to Christ.

Then, together with Hripsime, her abbess, Gayane, was brought to the king, hoping that she would be able to influence her pupil in order to save the lives of the other maidens. But deaconess Gayane encouraged the maiden and ordered her not to succumb to the demands of the king, to keep her faith, to remain chaste.

The king flew into an indescribable rage and ordered the execution of Gayane along with the rest of her pupils. As innocent victims, they were later equated with saints.