Augsburg Religion Day (25/06)

The Augsburg Confession Day, celebrated annually on June 25, commemorates an important historical event. On this day, Lutheranism received the status of an official religion in Germany, and Protestantism won its right to exist.

The Augsburg Confession (Confessio Augustana) - the earliest of the official Protestant creeds, which is still the doctrinal norm for Lutherans, these are the main provisions of the faith of the first Lutherans, which were compiled in 1530 by the Lutheran theologian Philipp Melanchton (Philipp Melanchton, 1497-1560), the closest associate of Martin Luther. They were presented on 25 June 1530 to the Diet of Augsburg. However, the princes, who remained faithful to Catholicism, refused to accept the new confession. Taking advantage of this, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V suspended the work of the Reichstag with his power and declared war on the new movement.

In response, the Protestants formed the Schmalkaldic League - a kind of defensive alliance. After several attempts to find a compromise between Catholics and Protestants, the tragic Schmalkaldic War broke out in 1546.

In the end, on September 25, 1555, the Peace of Augsburg was concluded between the head of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation, Charles V, and the rulers of the Protestant lands, who sought equal rights with the Catholic princes, which legalized Protestantism. The treaty was also confirmed by a papal decision.

Thus, Lutheranism received the status of the state religion.