Birth of the Cherry-Perun (21/06)

Svarog and Mother Swa give birth to the god Perun. He is born after Mother Swa - Lada - eats Pike, in which Rod was embodied. At the birth of a god, thunder rumbles, the earth staggers, mountains collapse. The people said:

Perun Stratilat is rich in thunderstorms. Then thunders rumbled in the sky, Then flashed in the clouds of lightning - And was born, like lightning, the Son of Svarog Perun the Thunderer! "Veda Perun"

Perun, in the understanding of the Slavs, became the main god of the pantheon, personifying military power and patron over warriors, knights and princes. He was subject to the elements of nature and some areas of people's lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that the birth of Vyshnya-Perun was celebrated by the Slavs on the days of the summer solstice.

Perun is, first of all, the god of thunder, thunder. In the spring thunderstorm, the ancient man saw a life-giving source, the renewal of nature, hence the primary role of Perun. Perun was armed with a club, an ax and a bow, with which he launched his lightning arrows onto the ground.

Perun was also often associated with the cult of water, wood and stone. He was considered the ancestor of heavenly fire, which, descending to earth, gives life. With the onset of spring warmth, it fertilizes the earth with rains and brings the clear sun out from behind the clouds. Through his efforts, the world is every time as if born anew. According to some legends, Perun's lightning was of two kinds: lilac-blue, "dead", striking to death, and golden - "alive", creating and awakening earthly fertility.