Day of resistance to occupation in Slovenia (27/04)

The memorable date is the Day of Resistance to the Occupation in Slovenia (Sloven. Dan upora proti okupatorju), which has another, more common name in the country - the Day of the Liberation Front (Sloven. Dan osvobodilne fronte), is an annual occasion to remember the soldiers of the resistance movement during the Second World War. world war (1939-1945).

On April 27, 1941, the Liberation Front of the Slovene People was created in Ljubljana against the fascist invaders.

In fact, the Liberation Front was created the day before, on April 26, 1941, in the house of the writer Josip Vidmar, where representatives of some political parties and cultural figures met. These were Boris Kidric, Boris Zicherl, Aleš Bebler (from the KP), Josip Rus (from the Sokolov), Toni Fajfar (from the Christian Socialists), Ferdo Kozak, Franz Sturm and Josip Vidmar (Slovenian cultural figures). Initially, the organization was called the Anti-Imperialist Front.