Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord among Western Christians (06/08)

On August 6, the Catholic Church celebrates the Transfiguration of the Lord - the mysterious transfiguration described in the Gospels, the manifestation of the Divine majesty and glory of Jesus Christ before the three closest disciples during prayer.

At the end of the path of earthly life, the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to His disciples that he must suffer for people, die on the Cross and rise again. After that, He raised the three apostles - Peter, James and John - to Mount Tabor and was transformed before them: His face shone, and His clothes became dazzling white. Two prophets of the Old Testament - Moses and Elijah - appeared to the Lord on the mountain and talked with Him, and the voice of God the Father from a bright cloud that overshadowed the mountain testified of the Divinity of Christ.

By the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, the Lord Jesus Christ showed His disciples the Glory of His Divinity so that during His coming sufferings and death on the Cross they would not waver in faith in Him — the Only Begotten Son of God.