Lawyer Day in Kyrgyzstan (26/06)

Every year on the last Sunday of June, Kyrgyzstan celebrates Lawyer's Day (Kyrgyzstandyn jurist kunu).

This professional holiday was established by the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 272 of June 24, 1993, taking into account the decision of the Association of Lawyers of Kyrgyzstan.

The holiday brings together all people involved in professional legal activities, which are very diverse - lawyers, notaries, judges, prosecutors, investigators, lawyers in organizations, lawyers in private practice, law students and others.

Today, the Association of Lawyers of the Republic alone employs about 200 specialists, which is 70% of the practicing lawyers of the capital.

Traditionally, as well as on all professional holidays, the best lawyers are awarded with state awards: certificates of honor, the title of “Honored Lawyer of the Kyrgyz Republic”.